My name is Monyett and I'm gonna be reality famous soon. Go ahead and leave your judgement here ... if not then have a nice day.

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Let me just start off by saying that Mos Wanted Crew are my role models and has truly inspired me to push myself in dance and never give up on my dream of one day becoming a professional choreographer. Soooo the story behind this video is when I first saw Mos Wanted Crew’s Camo and Orange video I was yet again amazed at how phenomenal of dancers these guys are and just had the video on replay all day.. Pretty sure I watched it about 200 times before attempting to learn it. The day I learned it was a Sunday, and I had twisted my ankle the night before and was forced by my parents to stay home and rest all day. I was REALLY looking forward to going to a dance class that day and since I couldn’t I decided to substitute it by learning this dance .. It took around 5 hours for me to learn it, especially working with a sprained ankle, and this is the result. Thanks for watching

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